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Rafting Kayak tour Self guided excursion Package

Discover calmer and wilder sections of Soca river

Price for adults:

88 €

Short description

This is our "Best seller" whitewater package. Let`s start with a half day whitewater rafting on the first day. During the trip, you will have a lot of fun, action, and time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and a lots of knowledge, what you will use on the next day, in your kayak tour . (The whitewater rafting and the kayak tour can be on the same day as well)

Join us for 3 spectacular days (rafting, kayaking, hiking) in the great outdoors and reconnect with your sense of adventure.

Sitting and navigating alone a kayak is an amazing experience. Your guide will teach you the basics in ten minutes, you can practice and when you are confident in your kayak, you can hit the waves! After the whitewater adventures, let's do a nice half day long hiking trip in the mountains, or along the Soca river, or visit a spectacular waterfall, or a gorge. We help you with our easy-to-use Soca Rider maps!

Quick infos

Recommended for friends, families, beginner whitewater paddlers
Minimum age 10
Time slot 1,5 hour each program on the river, altogether half day programs
Difficulty rafting: medium difficulty, technical white water Class 2-3| kayaking: easy white water Class I-II | you can choose difficulty of hiking
Duration 3 days (or it can be 1,5 very active day as well)
Available from 30th of March till 30th of September, every day
NOTEPlease note, that swimming ability is required from all the participants.

Details of Rafting kayak tour Package

Where to meet

Let's meet at the Soca Rider Office which you can find 10 m-s from the main square of Bovec, to begin your adventures.
After arranging the paper work and the payment, your guide staff will equip everyone with the necessary equipment, depends on the activity:
  • helmet,
  • buoyancy aid,
  • neoprene suit,
  • neoprene shoes,
  • splashing or neoprene jacket, or both, or none (depending on the weather).

After we take a quick, 10 minutes drive to the put-in with the Soca Rider's van. We change next to Soca river and after the safety talk nothing left, just to enjoy your adventure with us!

We finish our whitewater trips at the parking place, where the Soca Rider van is waiting for us, so you can change immediately, and we have a short drive back to Bovec!

Soca Rider Bovec map

What to bring

  • bathing suit
  • towel
  • suncream
  • strap for glasses/sunglasses

Other than whitewater programs

In our office we would be happy to give you some advise what to see in the Soca valley, natural wonders, good excursions, mountain trails! And you can check our small shop where you can find Soca Rider T-shirts, hand made Stack beanies and jewelery.

Reviews of Soca Rider

Soca Rider won the Certificate of Excellence in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Me and my boyfriend spent one week in Slovenia last summer. We wanted to try out extreme sports in the Soca valley such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. Luckily we chose Soca Rider, and we didnt regret it, because they were very helpful, friendly, encouraging and professional. We learnt a lot about whitewater kayaking, rafting, different technices, and safety mesures. Overall we had a lot of fun, and we cant wait to repeat this great experience!
It has been a tradition for us to visit Bovec and the Soca valley for an outdoor adventure weekend every year. Petra, Csaszi and their team knows the river very well ensuring us a perfect experience every year. No matter that the water level is high, extremely high or lower they always find the best program, tailored for our skills, needs and abilities. We are always instructed well what to do and how to do. They always respect our abilities and skills and let us find our limits (or go beyond what we thought that our limits are) but the adventure is always safe, no superfluous risk is taken. No matter that we want to ride a raft or to go kayaking they always find the way to get the maximum out of the planned program. They are flexible and make perfect suggestions considering what could be the best for us. That is the reason why there is no question that we are choosing Soca Rider every time without any question.
Very good experiences with the company. Safe all the time, but full of adrenalin & flow feeling. The boys (10-11 years ) enjoyed very much, if it was up to them we would repeat as soon as possible especially the rafting part ! Small company, well organised, personal attention.

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Easy whitewater kayak tour on Soca river

Easy whitewater kayak tour

Rafting Kayak tour Package Prices


88 €
per person


79 €
with valid student card


74 €
under 15 years

Rafting Kayak tour Package infos

Rafting Kayak tour Packeg is available:
From 30th of March until 30th of September
Rafting kayak tours start
rafting: 9am, 1.30pm, kayak tours:9.30am, 2pm
Required minimum participants
The Rafting kayak tour package starts with minimum of 2 people!

The price includes

  • time on river 1,5 hour
  • professional guides (with Slovenian licenses)
  • all necessary equipment
  • transfer between Bovec and Soca river
  • River permit
  • You will get photos from your whitewater tours as a present!
You can reserve your Rafting kayak tour Self guided excursion Package with approximately 20% of deposit payment, what you can do with credit card payment on our website.

Meet the team of Soca Rider

Meet our friendly and professional guides and crew.

  • Csaszi

    Founder, guide
    I love waters from my childhood. I started as a flat water canoe competitor, later I navigated my sea kayak along the sea coast and around many islands of Croatia, on the Adriatic. Recently I paddle mostly in whitewater kayak, but I still like every kind of water. In the time of the university I was working during the weekends as a rafting guide in Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia. After a few years of unsuccessful attempt as a horticultural engineer, I returned to the whitewater. I was working as a guide almost every day since 2008. Summertime in Slovenia, wintertime in Chile. Now, I am using the experience of many years in our company. In my free time of course I go cycling, or to the mountains, or I ride the Soča with my kayak. The Soča river is one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever paddled and this is the valley, where I am very glad to guide you!
  • Petra

    Founder, Contact manager
    hanks to my parents, I was sitting in a boat very early, mostly on flat waters of Hungary at first, and later on whitewaters of Austria as well. Later I was falling in love with the sea kayaking: a lot of water, huge distances, remote islands with all the beauty and danger of it. I went to South America spending half year there with Gyula, and I could see really high quality of whitewaters, and what does it mean, living close to the nature? From that time, there was no option to return to a big city and to my "old" life. We moved to Slovenia, to Bovec. I have a pharmacist degree, and I have thought I will cure the people with drugs, but I found something in Slovenia, what is able to cure in a better way. This is, what I would like to show you. I am always glad to go to the water, or to ride my bike roaming the countryside, or so happily put on my boots to go to the mountains of Julian Alps! This is my real world!
  • Jofo

    Jofo loves to be on the river and guide. He is an enthusiastic guide with a great sense of humor and with a spectial talent of figuring out good anymations, to get some extra on your trip. You can meet him on canyoning and whitewater rafting tour of Soca Rider. He was a flatwater kayaker since his childhood, and guided a lot of whitewater rafting tour in Slovenia and India. He's working on, that as you are a guest of the Soca Rider, have a safe, fun and memorable whitewater adventure, and that you always want to return to us, to the Soca valley.
  • Laci

    Laci is a friendly, dedicated and very helpful whitewater rafting guide of Soca Rider's Soca rafting tour. We are very happy to know him in our team. He is always checking where to help. He was working on whitewater in Austria and Slovenia. His other passion is riding a bike, he discoverd a lot of contries all over the word by bike. He is always paying attention, that you, as a guest of the Soca Rider, have a great time in Bovec, a safe and fun whitewater adventure, and that you always want to return to us, the Soca valley.