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Recommended Bovec rafting tour

We were very glad to see that also in 2016 SocaRider got the TripAdvisor award of exellence!


As we always repeat, our main concern is to keep our guests as happy and as safe as we can, and this award is exactley the confirmation that keeps our »engines« going non stop. We have been very lucky to be able to read many positive reviews about whitewater rafting tour, whitewater kayaking, also about whitewater kayak lessons and canyoning tour that our guests have posted over the time, saying that they enjoyed themselves, that they found many interesting facts about the surroundings too and that they have learned a lot on the courses.

If we may add, we have tried to response to each and every review. As TripAdvisor is becoming more and more popular place for checking the options of vacation it is super important to see what our customers liked the most, what did the whole group think about the trip and all of the suggestions they may have, so other travelers can imagine a Soca rafting experience with us. We will continue to do our best in the office and most important on the trips and we hope that with all your great reviews to come, another blog will be posted next year with the same headline. And as we say at the end of most of our review responses: Best regards from Soca Rider team!