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Industrijska cona 4a. 5230 Bovec, Slovenia
Bovec marathon
  • Date: 17-18.09.2016
  • Place: Bovec, Slovenia, starts from the main square of Bovec
  • Courses: Marathon course 42 km, Half marathon course 21 km, Fun Run course 8 km
  • More info: www.bovecmaraton.si

It was 36 years ago, in 1980 when runners had their first opportunity of running the marathon along the clear Soča River. 42 unforgettable kilometres lead mostly along trails where you can see that emerald beauty all the time. The murmuring of the clear water through the gorges, trouts in the depth will accompany you most of the way on this adventure. The Bovec marathon route will take you to the hidden corners of the Bovec, you will pass beautiful gorges, hanging bridges and kind locals will support you along the way. Bovec marathon is an event for those who love running in the nature and want to explore Soca valley!

Marathon course (42 km): Bovec - Žaga - Srpenica - Log Čezsoški - Čezsoča - Jablanca - Kamp Klin - Koritnica - Kukč - Bovec
Halfmarathon course (21 km): Bovec - Log Čezsoški - Čezsoča - Bovec
Fun Run course (8 km): the surroundings of Bovec